Feelings are not Wrong


Relationships can be trivial, especially when we are left to our own conclusions.  We are are most likely to be left to speculation when the relationship is new.

Old friends write off a lot of behaviors because they are familiar and know the other will come back around.

But how about the new baby of a relationship?  Well, it has to be nurtured.  We nurture what we want to grow strong.

Relationships are plants and babies and new plants and babies need food more often in the beginning.

If one needs space, that’s okay.

Overreaction might scare off someone.  And if it does, that’s okay.

One should never be ashamed of who they are or how they feel.

We are to deal with what we’re given and choose what to do with it.  Do we accept or deny it?

Image Source: Dancin’ to the Devil’s Lute (http://seniorsforademocraticsociety.wordpress.com/)

Either way, we’re not wrong and perhaps, we’re just not compatible.


Passing Thought

The passing thought that bears a rhyme
Grabs my pen and writes on line.

All words arrange as though
Their marriage forms the perfect flow
And just by luck they,  or seemingly so
Deliver a deadly blow.

A writer, a rhymer hopes for this
And just out of his hat, a random trick
A gift to some, a conquer for more
Letter by letter, language is born.


I wish I didn’t

aim to please

wish I didn’t


Wish I didn’t seek harmony

to share

I wish there were better words

and better worlds

and better things

to keep me

from looking

for other


I wish I didn’t need

to be shown

to be told

I wish I knew and

it was all

that mattered.

I wish I didn’t

need to think

or need to write

Wish we didn’t fight

or struggle

or kill animals

for sport.

I wish my mind

stayed on track

I wish I didn’t get worked up

I wish I had some icecream

now lunch is over.

While eating lu…

While eating lunch, I’m reading writings categorized as Philosophy and Religion.  These two things are of interest to me.  

So, naturally after reading I become engaged in opinion.  Isn’t that really what philosophy is- exaggerated expression, explained to a convincing, finalizing point later to be argued, challenged, condensed, consumed, contemplated and/or exposed.  

The challenge is the make the realization so solid that it cannot be torn down.  The idea must not contain any loopholes of doubt and no soft spots for questioning. That’s when an idea becomes fact.  Is it not?

Suppose an exaggerated expression was never stated or stated but never challenged, it is a fact to he who thinks it.

Just like this post……


A passion to suck your very soul through the breath of your kiss and make love in pain like never before, it’s the way I adore. In silence.

A need to touch and erase the ghost I chase all my mistakes. It’s haunting.

I hate you for your political stance but envy your love to give me a chance once more to show the circumstance of the love that would melt me upon the glance. Of forever.

Silence, it aims at my weakened heart as I search for the cause of our falling

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Magic’s in the Make-up

Makeup, make believe?
Play pretend and judge who pretends the best!
The best pretender is the fanciest
and we’re to think their better than us.

They are. They are better at make believe, better at it than you and me. Their hiding and shading is a cover up
of what they fear we will see;
the truth or their weight in ugliness, or sadness or a past that wasn’t good enough.

Put on airs! By the labels, by the brands, for society tells you it’s the best, newest and greatest to fool
the rest of us.

The truth is that we can weigh your self worth by how much you put into your cover up.
Debt in clothes and smells and tans and pedicures and even the detailed highlights you put on your face and the hours you commit for the perfect hair shows how ugly and how ashamed of yourself you are and how you sadly snub those who are okay with themselves and are themselves and those who don’t make other folks richer because they don’t follow the latest trend on how to con society to believe they are ashamed of themselves.

The fanciest, trendiest person must indeed be the saddest, most self tormented slave I believe I ever met.

Journaling rational investigations of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct[Philosophy].